What I got from the journey

First, I got Edgar. Only temporarily, of course. Charlie would not like to be parted from her old backpack for long, but she was kind enough to let me borrow it for my travels during the spring break.

Then I went to Haworth, where I got lost in the Yorkshire moors trying to find the Brontë Falls and Top Withins amidst the howling winds, and the title of Emily Brontë’s only novel suddenly made perfect sense.

With mud on my boots and heather in my pocket, I went on to York, where I got outraged with the price to enter the Minster, but payed anyway (and it was worth it). I also probably got a lot fatter due to all the lovely coffee shops.

With a heavy heart I said good bye to York, only to get amazed, mesmerized, flabbergasted (really, the English language does not offer enough words) with Peterborough Cathedral, where I got to see one of my favorite authors, got my books signed, and got to meet two lovely ladies who were incredibly nice to me during my time in that town. I hope I ever get the chance to repay their kindness.

Next stop was Cambridge, where I got so much beauty captured with my eyes and registered in my mind that my camera could not possibly do it justice.

The last stop was Leeds, where the rain reminded me that I was still in Britain and made me take refuge in the Art Gallery, where I got acquainted with the work of John Atkinson Grimshaw. Also, I finally tried Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant and definitely will return.

Now I’m back home, getting some rest, while Edgar and I plan our next journey.


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